Pilates is a workout system developed to rehabilitate injured soldiers during the World War I. Joseph Pilates, an intern at a POW camp hospital developed the workout using bed frames and bed springs. It was designed to activate core muscles, increase flexibility, and work the entire body from its center, or powerhouse. Pilates has evolved into an effective and challenging program applicable to everyone from body builders to endurance athletes to those recovering from surgeries and injuries. Pilates also helps develop muscular endurance, coordination, body awareness and improved respiration.

The Reb-L Fit Program is classically designed, following the workouts put together by Joseph Pilates. It will improve range of motion, flexibility, circulation, posture and abdominal strength, as well as decreasing back, neck and joint pain.

I offer full Pilates workouts on the Pilates Reformers in private sessions, semi-private sessions and small groups of three. Workouts incorporate specially selected exercises on all the Pilates equipment (reformers, chairs, towers, barrels and mats) designed for the individuals participating. The workouts are challenging and focused on the needs and progress of the individuals.

The Reb-L Flex workout is a circuit workout for larger groups of up to 6. The workout follows selected exercises from the classic Pilates series. Participants follow a circuit format, moving from one piece of equipment to another to provide challenge and variety to the group members. This workout is ideal as a supplement to the private, semi-private and small group sessions, as well as to any weight training, endurance training or sports program. It educates the members to move correctly, stabilizing and working from the core, strengthening small supporting muscles and increasing flexibility.

If you are new to Pilates, you should begin by meeting privately for a free 30 minute trial session. Together we will discuss limitations and goals, then work through a session to determine your abilities and ideal workout setup. I will help you determine if 30 minute, hour, private, small or large group sessions will best serve your needs.

The Reb-L Fit mat Pilates workouts are another excellent way to incorporate core strength and flexibility work into any training program. The groups allow up to 6 members, and all abilities are welcome. The mat workouts follow movements adapted from the classic reformer workouts, and include modifications and variations to challenge everyone.

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