Bodybuilding, Figure, Physique and Bikini competition is both a sport and an art form. A competitor learns discipline, focus and endurance, as well as how to sculpt the body into a stage worthy figure. There are many ways to train for a competition, but there are fewer ways that are sustainable long term, that can evolve into a healthy lifestyle.

At Reb-L, I work with competitors to teach them proper eating habits that can lean them out for the stage, and help them stay lean, strong and healthy long term. Nutrition programming is personal and continuous. The focus is on eating enough food, and the right balance of macronutrients like fat, carbs and protein to gain lean mass and lose fat.

I program weight training for the individual. The type of competition, the competitors current fitness and abilities are considered, and their programming is set up according to competition timing and the competitor’s needs.

Part of every competition includes posing and preparing stage presence. Our instructors are experienced competitors with multiple top 5 placings and pro level status.

Competition is a serious sport. Choosing to compete once, or to make it a lifestyle, requires deciding to make a lifestyle change. To truly prepare for a competition requires working out and eating right consistently and long term. Its worth it, and at Reb-L we can teach you how.