HELLO ALL!!! I had a fabulous lunch today at Red Robin eating burgers with lettuce instead of buns! But the point of this blog post is to talk about not only how important healthy habits are, but how kids are so much more impressionable than adults. I remember when I was little my parents … Continued

I’ve just arrived in Boston, MA.  I’ve heard some scary things about navigating the streets here, and I concur!  The best description I’ve heard is “Trying to find your way through Boston streets is like trying to unravel spaghetti!” So I think that I’m going to do some touring via road bike!  My bike just … Continued

Today’s post is to write about why counting macros is not actually limiting, as per popular opinion. So many people have told me they admire me for counting my macros but could never do it themselves because it takes too much discipline. While I agree counting macros does take quite a bit of discipline, I … Continued

Welcome to episode 8 of Designing Summer! We all hit a little plateau in our weight loss SO we had to cut again. It sucks but unfortunately has to happen if we want the weight off. I want to draw your attention to something very important: maintaining strength while losing weight. As you all know, … Continued

FOOD ON THE GO So today I want to walk through some ideas for healthy food that’s easy to put together and easy to bring with you throughout the day. The SIMPLEST food can possibly be I think is rice cakes, almonds, and canned chicken or tuna. Although it might be a little boring, I … Continued

HELLO! I want to start posting weekly videos about eating at restaurants and working out outside the gym. The idea is to demonstrate how you can be healthy no matter where you are or what you’re doing, but these will only work if I get suggestions of where/what to eat, or interesting places to create … Continued

Happy High-Carb Day!!!! Last weigh-in Cami and I had to get our food taken away It’s the saddest thing to have to ask your mom “hey please take my food away, I didn’t lose weight this week”. I actually kind of like the strangeness of our family dynamic, though, because no other families that I … Continued

Hello Friends! Here’s an exciting post for everyone- well at least I think so! Last night my friend and I went to Chile’s to practice creative eating out while also tracking macros! We ordered Deconstructed Guacamole Hamburger: turkey burger no bun all fix-ins on the side Spicy Shrimp Tacos no tortilla mixed green salad all … Continued

HELLO and WELCOME to the 3rd Designing Summer!!!! Here is the agenda for today: Night Eating Last Meal Overeating Under Eating We have a lot to do today, let’s get started! NIGHT EATING: it is a myth that you can’t eat at night because the food just “sits in your stomach”. If you’re hungry at … Continued

Welcome to the second installment of “Designing Summer”… where we follow my family and me through the summer of training, nutrition, and contest prep! If you did’t get a chance to read last week’s post- don’t worry! because you can still find the link on my Facebook page or the entire blog on www.reblfit.com So … Continued

Hello Reb-L’s it’s Morgan again! As of Sunday April 23, 2017….. THE DASTRUPS ARE TRAINING! This is the first of a series of blog posts about our training, eating, traveling, and creative health or fitness regimes as we train for the next figure/bikini competition in August. This first week of cutting was a huge blow … Continued

POST- COMPETITION   I know this post is long….. BUT I’m reallyyyyyy excited about it so please read it anyway   Here’s the run-down of Saturday: Wake up at 5am to shower and eat Spray tans (yes, again) at 6:30 Eat again at 7 Makeup and hair Rush out the door at 8:45 to almost … Continued

PEAK WEEK     Final 10 days before the competition… where everything really gets crazy. Here’s a play-by play: We started with increasing sodium to draw in water for the first couple days, so we are taking a salt tablet with every meal now. The idea of salt and fluid deprivation is a myth… how … Continued

POSING PRACTICE   Whether vacuuming in heels or drilling your T-walk, posing practice is obviously extremely important. There’s nothing worse than looking at a line of competitors for comparison posing and one sticks out because they don’t look confident or know how to emphasize their best features. Sometimes practice can be a real eye-opener and … Continued

TIME TO TALK NUTRITION! At Reb-L Fit we use a Nutrition program known as “reverse dieting” created by Doctor Layne Norton, where you gradually add food to your diet as you get used to the increasing calories. Since I started the program, I’ve been extremely surprised by how much weight I lost even while eating … Continued

Hello again! Week THREE! Here’s the before and after I know you’ve been waiting for…….. BECKY DASTRUP! Note the difference between a cardio heavy workout routine (left) ……. and a weight training dominant program (right) interesting isn’t it? Here’s Becky’s testimonial: I have always had a passion for fitness and nutrition. Years ago some early … Continued

Hello all! Thanks to anyone that read my blog post last week and welcome to volume 2: my sister, Cami. THIS is Cami’s progress picture: One year training and nutrition with Becky Here’s a solute to the lost 15 pounds I’m sure they will not be missed!!!! Cami is going to do the same competition … Continued

Hi I’m Morgan Dastrup! I’m starting a blog documentary about Body Building to squash the negative connotation of actually going on stage to compete. Each week I will post something new about the journey through training to the stage to document the process. It’s easier to understand and appreciate Body Building as a sport, art … Continued

Creating a Food Journal? Write it down – if it goes in your mouth, put it on paper. Accountability makes you think twice! Plan for balance – each meal should contain: Carbs – starches and fruits are both carb foods. One serving of either contains 15 grams of carbs. (Example – 1 slice of bread, or … Continued


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Cardio programming is an essential part of a complete workout program. Often, people overuse cardio as a weight loss tool. While cardio workouts do burn fat, they can also break down muscle if inappropriately programmed.

Cardiovascular fitness can take on many forms. The cardiovascular fitness necessary to complete a marathon is completely different from that necessary to complete a “Tough Mudder” race.