Weight Training

The “Big Lifts” in bodybuilding and power lifting are squats, dead lifts and the bench press. We have added the overhead press to the list to complete our profile of lifts for full body training. Strength training is also an awesome way to develop relative strength (your strength in relation to your body weight), increased fat burning potential due to increase caloric output and muscle mass and improved performance (a stronger muscle is a faster and more powerful muscle).

The movements inherent to the “Big Lifts” all exist in our natural body movements. It’s important to learn their proper execution, whether you are a power lifter, body builder, fitness enthusiast or a beginner!! They apply to everyone, and variations of each are part of our programming. Correct movement is essential, to protect you from injury whether you are actively working to gain strength and lean mass, or simply adding weight training to your fitness regimen to give balance to your programming.

I work to educate you in performing these lifts. I observe your execution of each movement, and based on your goals, we program axillary work to address the weaknesses you have in each one. We work together to set goals and progressions to your workouts based on your abilities and interests.

I offer a variety of weight training options. Personal training, semi-private sessions, and small groups workouts (3-5 members) are all workouts planned specifically for the participants, with their abilities and goals in mind. Personal training (including semi private and small group) can be scheduled whenever you and I are available.

Your personal program can be set up to help your reach the strength and leanness that you have always hoped for, or even prepare you for a power lifting competition, a bodybuilding, figure or bikini competition!

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