Designing Summer I

Hello Reb-L’s it’s Morgan again!

As of Sunday April 23, 2017….. THE DASTRUPS ARE TRAINING!

This is the first of a series of blog posts about our training, eating, traveling, and creative health or fitness regimes as we train for the next figure/bikini competition in August.

This first week of cutting was a huge blow to my pride- I had justĀ earned all these calories and all the sudden they get ripped out from underneath me. For anyone not familiar with carb-cycling, it is a personalized nutrition system to control your weight loss. I’m sure everyone is familiar with the “plateau” in progress that comes after a little while on a diet, but the idea here is that you gradually reduce caloric intake so you continue to take off weight. The cycle we follow is 3 days “low carb” (and fat), and then a “high carb” (but still budgeted) “refeed” day.

Weigh in happens the morning of every high carb day. To kick off this particular cutting season my dad (Mike) and I have started a competition to see who can lose 10 pounds fastest: I weighed in on Sunday at 165.2 and dad was 190.5. The winner gets their car detailed at the other’s expense!

Stay tuned for updates, creative workouts and food ideas, and informational videos as our training progresses!!!!!