Designing Summer II

Welcome to the second installment of “Designing Summer”… where we follow my family and me through the summer of training, nutrition, and contest prep! If you did’t get a chance to read last week’s post- don’t worry! because you can still find the link on my Facebook page or the entire blog on

So this week we made only slight progress: Mike stayed the same weight so he has to get more food taken away. It’s funny because the morning of every weigh-in I feel soooo nervous and step on the scale with my eyes closed because I’m afraid of looking. I was down 2 pounds yesterday, which was actually the winner of “poundage” for the cycle, and I can’t even explain how much of a relief it was to see those numbers. We’ll see what happens this week though…

I’ll walk y’all through a normal day (for me at least): Wake up, Eat, Class, Eat, Run, Eat, Lift, Eat, work, Eat, Sleep

And I STILL feel like I’m starving to death! hahaaa

Anyway, here’s an example of manipulating the menu when going out: Last night (for Cinco de Mayo), I went with some friends to get tacos. I know what you’re thinking! “HOW CAN YOU EAT TACOS??? THERE’S ALL KINDS OF CARBS IN THERE!!!”

Well…. joke’s on you because “tacos” taste just as good as a pile of meat, vegetables, and hot sauce! You save calories, it’s wayyy more filling- turn the tacos into salad, AND you still ate tacos and didn’t have to bring your own food or just watch everyone else and feel left out!

Okay! Stay tuned for my next post… I’ll be explaining what to do if you’re off on your macros or you run out of food but you’re starving still!

Until next time 😉