Designing Summer III

HELLO and WELCOME to the 3rd Designing Summer!!!!

Here is the agenda for today:

  1. Night Eating
  2. Last Meal
  3. Overeating
  4. Under Eating

We have a lot to do today, let’s get started!

NIGHT EATING: it is a myth that you can’t eat at night because the food just “sits in your stomach”. If you’re hungry at the end of the day, you can go ahead and eat a balanced meal or snack and your body will use the calories to go about it’s normal repair and maintenance. You don’t have to go to bed hungry.

LAST MEAL: at the end of the day, I usually end up having a “catch-up” meal. In this meal, if I have extra food that I didn’t eat then I fill it in here, OR if I went a little over on something then I take it from the last meal. This way I end the day right on track!

Occasionally; however, I end up already having perfect macros throughout the day but I can’t go to sleep because I’m sooooooo hungry. In this case, there are two options…

OVEREATING: if you end up feeling like you have to eat something then you can go ahead and have another meal at the end of the day, and you would just subtract the macros that you went over by from the next day. This subtraction should be taken evenly from all the meals of the next day. THEN the next two days after that you subtract half of what you went over by. So it takes 3 days to complete a “payback”.

It’s not the end of the world… if you accidentally went over, or wanted an extra drink or some dessert, or whatever happened… it’s FINE! but just keep in mind that you WILL have to pay those calories back if you choose to go over your macros.

Option number 2 is normally what I end up doing… eating foods that hardly have any calories, so your macros really aren’t affected but you can still help out your stomach. Here’s a list of things I eat (yes, they are quite weird sometimes): cucumber, celery, iceburg lettuce, mustard, hot sauce, and there are a few others. ANYWAY… it’s kindof gross to eat lettuce with mustard but if it means I hit my macros- I suddenly become un-picky!!!

UNDEREATING: another thing I hear a lot from people is that they were gone all day or very busy and distracted and ended up at the end of the day WAYYY under their macros. In this situation we’ll use the ideas of the catch-up meal, and a reverse payback.

You are allowed 30% of carbs, fat, or protein at a time. If you are way under your macros, then figure out what 30% of the total allowed is and that’s how much you can have in your catch-up meal. If you don’t feel like eating that much, or are still calories left over, we need to do a reverse pay back: basically, you’ll take the calories you didn’t eat and spread them evenly throughout the next day. They don’t just disappear!

OKAY!! I hope this helps and I will talk to you again soon :)