Designing Summer IX

Today’s post is to write about why counting macros is not actually limiting, as per popular opinion.

So many people have told me they admire me for counting my macros but could never do it themselves because it takes too much discipline. While I agree counting macros does take quite a bit of discipline, I disagree with the ideas: it is impossible to stick with, not everyone can handle it, counting is limiting and restrictive.

I’m here today to explain why a small amount of discipline can pay dividends.

1. To some degree, I think everyone has a fear of the unknown. Personally, when I do not have something planned out very specifically, I feel very anxious. There are so many things to feel anxious about that I have no control over, but I feel much more relaxed when I count my food out because I am able to take control of something that would otherwise be unknown.

2. To the same end, many people decide they want to eat organic or other diets… why? Because of their fear of the unknown! BUT there’s still another variable. You may know what is going into your body, but you have no idea how much… unless you track.

3. To further expound point two, I would like to pose the question: Have you ever really broken down and just eaten anything you see but later regretted it, feeling like you probably shouldn’t eat very much the next day? Well actually, starvation and overeating are both detrimental to your health. If you could somehow eat all your favorite foods and not feel guilty about it, wouldn’t you jump on the opportunity? Hm… that’s what tracking macros is.

4. To add one final point, think of tracking macros as an investment in your future. Every time you experience a temptation to cheat and throw out your conditioned discipline, remember you just took five steps back on the road to your goals.

5. Yes, you may feel restricted at first, but don’t you feel more restricted if you aren’t healthy? What’s more important- that extra piece of cake OR a longer and more fulfilled life where you can’t help but smile every time you look in the mirror?

I’m not being manipulative… this is how I legitimately feel. If you are interested in the Reb-L nutrition program or would like some one-on-one help planning and motivating, feel free to reach out to me. I would LOVE everyone to love counting their macros as much as I do.

Until next time.