Designing Summer V

Happy High-Carb Day!!!!

Last weigh-in Cami and I had to get our food taken away :( It’s the saddest thing to have to ask your mom “hey please take my food away, I didn’t lose weight this week”.

I actually kind of like the strangeness of our family dynamic, though, because no other families that I know of compete against each other to lose weight.

When other people share the same goals- whether they are nutrition or exercise related- it is so much easier to be motivated and spot-on with macros. Knowing that I have to continually check in with the rest of my family with my process (or to share my mistakes), makes me not want to cheat. For fear of being judged, I can’t freak out and blow my numbers one day just because I have some kind of craving. I highly recommend working with a friend or family member to meet your fitness goals.

So here’s the update: so far I’m still in the lead, but I still have a long way to go….. that’s the hard part about cutting, there’s no such thing as a “quick cut”.