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HELLO ALL!!! I had a fabulous lunch today at Red Robin eating burgers with lettuce instead of buns!

But the point of this blog post is to talk about not only how important healthy habits are, but how kids are so much more impressionable than adults.

I remember when I was little my parents ALWAYS made us eat gross foods like black bean brownies, spinach muffins, or garbanzo bean cookies. I resented my parents for it back then, but now I literally eat anything and I legitimately enjoy eating vegetables.

Today I was so impressed by my little brother Scott. When he ordered, he asked for an extra side of bottomless broccoli. After we basically finished eating, the waitress asked if we would like anything else and Scott said, can I have some more broccoli? I didn’t get a lot the first time. Incredible isn’t it?

I want to emphasize the power of impressions and habit-forming on children. We’ve all seen or been the adult that struggles so hard eating healthy because their parents never “forced” them to eat healthy while growing up. It’s unfortunate to see extremely picky adults that refuse to eat vegetables or try new things, especially when my little brother asked for his own extra vegetables and ate them without being told to.

Children are incredibly impressionable so forming healthy habits from a young age, while it may be tedious and annoying, has a wonderful impact when the child grows up.