Hiit Cardio is Best for Fat Loss!

I’ve just arrived in Boston, MA.  I’ve heard some scary things about navigating the streets here, and I concur!  The best description I’ve heard is “Trying to find your way through Boston streets is like trying to unravel spaghetti!”

So I think that I’m going to do some touring via road bike!  My bike just arrived this week – and its still in the box….so I’m off to a great start.  Lol!  Anyway, I love being active – bike riding, swimming, hiking, skiing.  I’ve done all those things both as endurance workouts and as fun active entertainment.  I don’t go to them first for my fat loss cardio though.  Don’t get me wrong – steady state cardio has its place.  But for efficient and effective fat loss, its HIIT, or High Intensity Interval Training.

I think one of the craziest accidental HIIT workouts I did was when I was in college.  I went away to school without a car.  I didn’t forget the car.  I couldn’t afford the insurance on one….#baddrivingrecord #teenagehothead….I did however have unlimited mileage on foot.  So one day I decided to be self sufficient.  I lived off campus in an apartment, and I wanted some groceries but I didn’t want to ask anyone for a ride.  I rode the bus to the grocery store.  I took too long shopping though (probably reading labels) and missed the last bus home.  So I set out walking.  With about 150 pounds of groceries.  Try walking with that.  I had to keep stopping to set the bags down and rest my muscles and catch my breath!  Just walking with a heavy load had me going breathless – and then only recovering when I stopped to rest.  Over and over.  For 2 miles.  I know.  You’re thinking “how did this kid even get IN to college…”  The point is its a funny story about an accidental HIIT workout!  I don’t recommend it by the way – HIIT cardio by carrying groceries.  Weights will do fine.  Like walking lunges for intensity, then setting the weights down and doing air squats for recovery.

Read this great article for some very compelling information on HIIT!

The Science of HIIT Cardio

F952141D-58E8-4EDB-BE5F-221B784D77B2Happy Cardio Everyone!