Nutrition Coaching

The Reb-L Fit Nutrition Program is a personalized program, designed around each individual. It is based on the lean mass, goals, and challenges of each person. We begin by taking your body fat measurements to determine the ideal macronutrient balance – or protein, fat and carbohydrate intake to maintain your current weight. (Macronutrients are proteins, fats and carbs.) You track your food intake for a few days, and we compare what you need to eat to your activities. The next step is to estimate the ideal weight and lean mass for you and set up your long term and intermediate goals to reach your best body composition.

As your nutrition coach, I plan out a program for you. We estimate a timeline; how long it can take to reach your goals, and the best nutrition plan to accomplish them. Together, we decide whether you begin with a focus on fat loss, lean gain, overall balance, or performance; you have to eat differently for each! The ideal balance of fat grams, protein grams and carbohydrate grams are then organized for you into a per meal and per day set up that you use as guide. You can choose the food you eat, and I help you understand which foods will fit each macronutrient category best.

Often times challenges with getting lean, increasing muscle, recovery and sports performance stem with getting too little of the right macros (protein, fat and carbs) at the appropriate times. Consistency is important, as is timing and balance. This nutrition program is successful because it is based on your current body composition, your current habits, and your future goals.

I will guide you, and you will have my support, as well as the support of other Reb-L Fit nutrition plan members to stay on track. You can email or text me anytime with questions, and you are added to a private face book group where you can post challenges, questions and successes in a safe and friendly environment. You report weekly via email, or in person, depending on where you are in your progression. We will meet at a minimum of once a month to check in and take your updated body fat measurements, as well as to work through challenges and plan next steps.

The Reb-L Fit nutrition program is a healthy, scientifically based set up. I use current industry based recommendations for the necessary protein, carb and fat intake of each person. We focus on feeding muscle, stimulating metabolism, and changing poor eating habits so you can make a permanent lifestyle change. You have flexibility in food choices, and you receive the education you need to reach and maintain a healthy body fat and lean mass balance for life.

Personal macro nutrient profile using a break down of carbohydrates, protein and fats best suited to the you and your goals. Profile based on body fat measurements, age, gender and lifestyle. Recommended 3 month program minimum for maximum results.