So what exactly IS “Body Building”? VOLUME II

Hello all! Thanks to anyone that read my blog post last week and welcome to volume 2: my sister, Cami.

cami progress

THIS is Cami’s progress picture:

One year training and nutrition with Becky

Here’s a solute to the lost 15 pounds

I’m sure they will not be missed!!!!

Cami is going to do the same competition that I am, competing in Novice Bikini (August 13 Windy City Naturals, remember?) Here’s her testimonial:

I started lifting occasionally during cross country and track seasons freshman year, but it wasn’t until this year after finishing my sophomore year in high school that I actually learned how to properly execute the lifts and started to improve my strength (rather than barely bending my knees and saying I can squat a million pounds).

I started Reb-L’s nutrition program in the winter right before sophomore track season because I knew that if I weighed less I would be able to move with more control, have better endurance, and ultimately run faster. There was an added bonus that I started to look a lot better too and was very pleased with what I saw in the mirror.

Originally my mom had just mentioned the idea of competing in a figure competition as a family and we didn’t really think anything of it and remained unsure if I actually wanted to go up on stage. Earlier this year my sister Morgan decided to compete in bikini this year so I thought this is a great time for me to at least get the experience too. She really motivates me to work hard and I thought it would be really fun to share our first competitions with each other.

Now that I’m learning more about Body Building, I’m learning that it is all about building up muscle, working extremely hard, and pushing yourself to be stronger in mind and body than you ever have before.


As you can see, we’re starting quite a family legacy. It’s cool living with people who have the same goals and training philosophy as you. Keep tuning in to my weekly posts on the competition process and get in touch with me with any questions or comments.