So what exactly IS Body Building? VOLUME III

Hello again! Week THREE! Here’s the before and after I know you’ve been waiting for…….. BECKY DASTRUP!

becky progress

Note the difference between a cardio heavy workout routine (left)

……. and a weight training dominant program (right)

interesting isn’t it?

Here’s Becky’s testimonial:

I have always had a passion for fitness and nutrition. Years ago some early clients of mine expressed that they didn’t feel that they could ever look like figure and bikini competitors. There is a huge misconception that competitors work out non-stop and have to starve themselves in order to look so lean. I really didn’t think that the only way to train for a figure competition was 12 hours of cardio a day and only eating asparagus, so I set out to prove these ideas wrong.

I started out training myself and managed my own nutrition while working with a posing coach. I spent no more than 2 hours a day working out and less than half of that time was cardio. I ate normal foods but just balanced my carbs, fats, and proteins in order to get leaner. I found that a balanced, disciplined approach to nutrition and training was the key.

My first competition was in September 2011, and although I won my class in my first 3 competitions, I hadn’t won the overall title yet so I set out to find someone to coach me personally. I started working Dr. Layne Norton in May of 2012 and by fall 2013 I won a pro card in women’s figure.

Working with Layne helped me make corrections and improvements in my programming that gave me the edge I needed. Lifting is interestingly a more effective weight loss tool than straight cardio, and balancing macronutrients in an IIFYM (if it fits your macros) “diet” is more important than worrying about the specific kinds of food.


Check in next week to see my post about nutrition… I promise it’ll be good!