So what exactly IS Body Building? Volume IV


At Reb-L Fit we use a Nutrition program known as “reverse dieting” created by Doctor Layne Norton, where you gradually add food to your diet as you get used to the increasing calories. Since I started the program, I’ve been extremely surprised by how much weight I lost even while eating more and more food with each week.

The nutrition program taught me how important balancing macronutrients (carbs, fat, and protein) is. Over the past couple years, I realized that there is no “magic food” to eat and instantly lose weight, instead success comes from consistency and budgeting.

Since I’m training for this competition, I’m not currently reverse dieting, because I needed to lean out for the stage. Instead, I’m carb cycling along with my mom and sister. Carb cycling is eating lower carbs and fat with normal protein for 3 days and then the 4th day is weigh-in day and “high carb” day where we eat higher carbs to allow for weight loss while replenishing the liver and other organs.

High carb day is basically a holiday… it’s the simple things that are worth getting excited over.

Here are some videos of our daily eating procedures. As you can see, this program is a lifestyle change not just a one-and-done “diet”, and it definitely takes a lot of commitment, but the results speak for themselves!