So what exactly IS Body Building? Volume V



Whether vacuuming in heels or drilling your T-walk, posing practice is obviously extremely important. There’s nothing worse than looking at a line of competitors for comparison posing and one sticks out because they don’t look confident or know how to emphasize their best features.

Sometimes practice can be a real eye-opener and make your ego plummet, and other days it can really help you to feel optimistic about the weeks to come. I’ve definitely had my share of disappointing posing sessions, feeling like I’ll never look the way I want to… and Becky can testify to that, but sometimes it’s hard to be pleased with your progress when you still see there’s so far to go.

The hardest part about posing is remembering all the different parts of your body, since nothing can move together. For example, the worst one is having to arch your back, but at the same time stand tall, while pulling your abs in, not letting your ribs pop out, and of course smiling the whole time.

A lot of people think that competing is just about being sexy and full of yourself and going up on stage to showcase how good you look. This is totally and completely wrong and could not possibly be “wronger” for lack of a better term. Now after actually training, I notice that posing is more of an art from than anything, and I don’t feel sexy at all while holding a pose and concentrating on a million things at once. Posing is definitely NOT easy.

Here’s our newest videos/pictures to showcase our posing practices. Youtube didn’t like my video because of the song so I just put a few pictures from my routine. Then underneath is Cami’s routine, and below that is me talking during my break from posing practice. Check it out and be ready for upcoming posts about PEAK/HELL WEEK! hahaaa