So what exactly IS “Body Building”? VOLUME I

Hi I’m Morgan Dastrup! I’m starting a blog documentary about Body Building to squash the negative connotation of actually going on stage to compete. Each week I will post something new about the journey through training to the stage to document the process. It’s easier to understand and appreciate Body Building as a sport, art form, and lifestyle choice if you can understand the entire process, rather than only the end result.

Common Misconceptions of Body Building:

  1. Body Builders train non-stop and have no time for anything else
  2. Competitors have to starve themselves to be stage ready
  3. The amount of stress put on your body is unhealthy
  4. A “Quick Cut and a Tan” will get you ready to compete
  5. You have to be young to do well
  6. Only people with naturally inclined genes can excel
  7. Competitions are for people with little self-worth and a longing for attention

All of these will be proved wrong during the upcoming documentary posts.

progress picture june 2016

 Check this out:

my pictures above are (left) fall 2014 and (right) summer 2016…

 I weigh the exact same weight (150lbs) in both of them…

THAT’S the magic of RebL Fit’s training and nutrition.

To kick it off, I’ll introduce myself. Becky Dastrup, the woman behind Reb-L Fit is my mom, but up until fairly recently I had always taken this set up for granted.

I’m about to be a sophomore at BYU in Provo, UT and I’m studying Business Strategy. As a hobby, I am a certified Powerlifting coach and currently working on my personal training and Peak Pilates certifications.

My weight training journey started back during high school track. I originally played soccer so when I switched to track as a junior I was behind most of the other girls my age. I started lifting a little, but when my senior season started I really wanted to prove how hard work and dedication really do pay off even though I didn’t have much natural athletic ability. It was incredible how much help the right training protocol made in my running performance.

Soon afterward I started Reb-L’s nutrition plan because my private track coach had told me although I was definitely getting stronger, I wasn’t in the kind of shape I needed to be in order to run the 400m as fast as I wanted. I lost 12 pounds during the 2015 track season, my time dropped 5 seconds, and I was able to run more coordinated and with more fluidity than before.

My interest in lifting and being fit continued to grow and eventually I decided that I wanted to try competing because I was finally happy with the way I looked and pleased with my progress. I turn 20 at the end of this year (2016) so I thought a great goal would be to compete before I turn 20, and that’s where my bikini competitor training began.

Throughout these next few weeks you will be able to follow my journey as well as my mother Becky Dastrup and sister Cami Dastrup, with updates and information from other professional Body Builders and what training is offered at Reb-L Fit.

Until next week!